Eco-Friendly Home Maintenance

Keep your home looking great without polluting local waterways.

  • Avoid hosing surfaces, which wastes water and can carry pollutants into storm drains. Sweep instead. If you must power wash, follow local ordinances, and collect or direct runoff onto landscaped surfaces. 
  • Always dump wash water from wet vacs, power washers, or buckets of dirty, soapy water into a sink drain, which carries water to a wastewater treatment plant.
  • Keep pool, spa and fountain water out of storm drains, creeks and the Bay. When you need to drain your pool or spa, dispose of the water through your sanitary-sewer clean-out drain and rinse your filter over landscaping. CLICK HERE for further instructions.
  • Use sinks to clean up after painting and take leftover paint to a collection center. Never dump on the ground.
  • Clean up spills right away. Use an absorbent like kitty litter, sweep it up, and dispose of it properly.
The Watershed Watch Campaign is an initiative of
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