Less-Toxic Pest Control in the Home

Are pests bugging you in your home? There are less-toxic pest control solutions for common household pests. You’ll have a healthier home and protect our water too!

For outdoor garden pests, visit our Healthy Yards and Garden page.

Stop Ants

Spray lines of ants with soapy water and wipe up with a sponge. Clean up any food or spills. Next, block entry points temporarily with a smear of petroleum jelly or a piece of tape. If that doesn’t solve the problem, use a bait trap. Download our Ants Fact Sheet to find a list of less-toxic products for controlling ants.

Young brown ant messor structor with a larva

Eco-Friendly Way to Get Rid of Fleas

To get rid of fleas, wash your pet with warm, soapy water. No need to use flea soap—a good bath with pet shampoo will work. Using a flea comb while your pet is lathered should get rid of most fleas on your pet. Download our Flea Fact Sheet for more less-toxic flea control tips.

Dog in Eco friendly flea bath

Trap Rats and Mice and Eliminate Poisons

Rats and mice can be trapped instead of poisoned. Poisons can also kill more than rodents. When other animals eat poisoned rats or mice, they can be poisoned too! Prevent rodents from entering your home in the first place by sealing up cracks. Read more control and prevention tips on our Rats and Mice Fact Sheet.

Rats and Mice brochure

For More Less-Toxic Pest Control Help:

Browse our collection of pest control fact sheets for more less-toxic pest control tips!

Download a list of less-toxic pest control products!

How to Hire an Eco-Friendly Pest Control Company

If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, hire contractors trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM-Certified practitioners employ a variety of simple techniques to control pests effectively, minimizing the need to use pesticides. They can manage ants, roaches, flies, spiders, rodents, stinging insects, bed bugs and many other pests.

Currently, three programs certify pest control professionals as “IPM Certified.” Visit the links below to find IPM-certified pest control companies in your city:

Download our fact sheet on Finding a Pest Control Company for more tips.

EcoWize Cert Green Shield Cert Green Pro Cert

Local Hardware Stores & Nurseries that Carry Less-Toxic Pest Management Products

Stores listed on this site have agreed to provide Fact Sheets and Shelf Talkers to make it easy for you to choose a non-toxic product.  Products may vary from store to store.  For your convenience, less-toxic products are identified with Shelf Talkers.  These are little signs placed in front of a product to help you identify those that are non-toxic or less-toxic than their conventional counterparts.  The product name will be listed in the white space.

Store Name



Home Depot – Campbell

480 E Hamilton Ave

Summer Winds Nursery – Campbell

2460 S Winchester Blvd


Summer Winds Nursery – Cupertino

1491 S De Anza Blvd

Yamagami’s Nursery

1361 S De Anza Blvd

Los Altos

Los Altos True Value

441 1st St

Los Gatos

Ace Los Gatos Hardware

15300 Los Gatos Blvd


Home Depot – Milpitas

1177 Great Mall Drive

Mountain View

Blossom True Value Hardware

1297 W El Camino Real

Palo Alto

California Avenue/Nob Hill Hardware

251 California Ave

Palo Alto Ace Hardware – Palo Alto

875 Alma Street

Summer Winds Nursery – Palo Alto

725 San Antonio Rd

Santa Clara

Home Depot – Santa Clara

2435 Lafayette St


Home Depot – Sunnyvale

680 Kifer Rd

OSH – Cupertino/Sunnyvale

1601 Hollenbeck Ave


777 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd

San Jose

Home Depot – San Jose

2181 Monterey Rd

Home Depot – San Jose

2855 Story Rd

Home Depot – San Jose

635 W Capitol Expy

Home Depot – San Jose

1855 Hillsdale Ave

Home Depot – San Jose

975 South De Anza Blvd

Home Depot – San Jose

920 Blossom Hill Rd

Ace Hardware – Willow Glen

2253 Lincoln Ave

Almaden Valley Nursery – San Jose

15800 Almaden Expy

Payless Nursery – San Jose

2927 S King Rd

OSH – Princeton Plaza

1375 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose 95118

OSH- Silver Creek

1751 Capitol Expy, San Jose, CA 95121


Ace – Saratoga

12870 Saratoga Sunnyvale Rd

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