Free School Assemblies

Sign up for a FREE Watershed Watch Educational Assembly by ZunZun for your school.

The Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program sponsors free educational musical assemblies by ZunZun at elementary schools in Santa Clara Valley. You can sign-up for a free Watershed Watch assembly HERE.

The Musical Watershed: A Free Assembly program for Grades K-5


ZunZun presents a musical adventure about keeping our ocean, rivers and streams clean and healthy. This interactive and energetic show teaches about watershed awareness, storm water pollution prevention, and clean water. Students learn what they can do to protect our waterways!

This lively show engages the audience while sharing music, theater and a positive, empowering message about the environment with children of all ages. The program relies heavily on audience participation and can be bilingual Spanish/English. This highly successful assembly program has been seen by over 75,000 students and has been sponsored by major Bay Area environmental agencies. 

The group ZunZun has performed in 13 countries for the past 10 years and are members of Young Audiences of Bay Area and Silicon Valley, and are on the Touring Roster for California Arts Council. They are award-winning recording artists and will have recordings available at the school. Appropriate for grades K-6. Presentations have been created to include K-6 science and social studies content standards by the California State Board of Education.

This is a limited opportunity—the Watershed Watch campaign will sponsor a FREE show at qualified schools on a first-come, first-served basis.

To schedule a show, call ZunZun TODAY at 831-426-0684 or email them here.  

Watershed Watch Virtual Assembly Videos

You can also watch the assembly online. Choose an assembly link below, either as a link to videos or a Google form with questions that are easily dropped into Google Classroom.

Assembly as a video in short segments

Watch the video segments as needed and use one of the follow up activities if desired.

Follow Up Activities

Choose follow-up activities to complement the videos. There are matching games in Spanish and English, take home science experiment kits, water movement cards, a downloadable booklet, and more, all free!

Online: Watershed Card Matching Game

Share your screen to play together or give kids the link to play at home! Develop vocabulary and reinforce science standards with a fun card game online while remembering how to save water:

Watershed Matching Game, English
Watershed Matching Game, Spanish

The WaterBeat Activity

Have your students stand up and dance while learning about watersheds!

WaterBeat Sequence in English
WaterBeat Sequence in Spanish

The WaterBeat Activity Book Available in PDF format

The WaterBeat Activity Video

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