Partners and Discounts

The Watershed Watch campaign is made possible through partnerships with private, not-for-profit, governmental and media organizations. 

Want to become a partner and let your customers know you care about water pollution? For more information, contact us to discuss how we can partner.

Our Program Partners

Car Care Partners

Capitol Premier Car Wash

Capitol Premier Car Wash is a family-owned and operated full-service car wash and professional auto detail center, located in San Jose at the Capitol Expressway Auto Mall just off Highway 87, next to McDonalds. Capitol Premier Car Wash offers discounts with the Watershed Watch Discount Card, and hosts special Watershed Watch car wash events. Recognizing that parking lot car wash fundraisers contribute to runoff pollution, Capitol Premier Car Wash has developed a watershed-friendly car wash fundraising program, offering pre-paid car wash cards that charities and groups can purchase at a discount and resell to raise money.

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Classic Car Wash

Locally owned and operated, Classic Car Wash has served the South Bay for more than 40 years. When you wash your car at a Classic Car Wash rather than washing your car in the driveway, you prevent detergents, dirt and other polluted runoff from entering our storm drains and polluting our creeks and Bay. Classic Car Wash supports the Watershed Watch campaign by offering discounts with the Watershed Watch Discount Card, and partners with the campaign for special events each spring. Visit the Robertsville Classic Car Wash on Almaden Expressway in San Jose, Delta Queen Classic Car Wash on Hamilton Avenue in Campbell, Lark Avenue Classic Car Wash in Los Gatos and Westgate Classic Car Wash on Prospect Avenue in Saratoga.

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Montague Premier Car Wash

Montague Premier Car Wash is the community’s leading authority in auto wash and detail shop services. Their exceptional services are designed for the discerning owner. Providing a commitment to personal attention, care and respect for vehicle, vehicle owner, as well as the environment is at the top of the list. The Auto Wash and Detail Shop offers an enormous assortment of specific services, including hand waxing and complete detailing of your precious vehicle. Show your Watershed Watch Discount Card for deals on Premier Wash, The Works and detail services. They look forward to meeting you!

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Pacific Car Wash

Pacific Car Wash is a family-owned and operated full-service car wash and auto detail center in Downtown San Jose. Pacific Car Wash extends its most popular coupon special to Watershed Watch Discount Card holders, so you can enjoy all the benefits without the coupons! Ask about their VIP Card and Value Books, which make it easy to give gifts that help keep cars and our storm water clean!

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Zip Thru Express Car Wash

Zip Thru Express Car Wash is the car wash that uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your car always clean and sparkling. We have multiple convenient locations in the Bay Area. We offer various unlimited car wash memberships to keep your car clean always!!! We also offer a lot of free perks at all our locations like FREE Vacuum, Rug beater, Mat cleaner, and towels to use for all car wash customers. There are various promotions offered at each of our locations. Come, try our wash, and participate in keeping our creeks and storm drains clean. Visit our location to explore your options and help prevent water pollution.

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Sunnyvale Car Spa, Inc

Featuring a Valero gas station and convenience store open 24/7, Sunnyvale Car Spa offers $5 off any car wash with your Watershed Watch Discount Card, so you can treat yourself while you treat your car to a 100% brushless hand wash! Serving the Sunnyvale community since 1996, they’re committed to providing excellent service and a creek-friendly solution for your car wash.

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Vikhar Valero

Located at the corner of S. De Anza Boulevard and Prospect in Cupertino, Vikhar Valero offers a drive-thru exterior wash service, gas, smog service and propane fills all in one convenient location. Present your Watershed Watch Discount Card for $1 off any car wash.

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Watershed and Wildlife Stewardship Partners

Creek Connections Action Group

The goal of the Creek Connections Action Group (CCAG) is to collaborate on creek cleanup efforts in Santa Clara County. Since CCAG’s inception, thousands of volunteers have participated in hundreds of cleanups, removing thousands of pounds of trash each year from creeks, rivers and lakes.
The Watershed Watch campaign is now part of this grassroots effort as a co-sponsor of CCAG’s Spring and Fall creek cleanup events.

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Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge at Alviso

The Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge at Alviso offers educational classes with a watershed theme to spread the watershed protection message to the public. Founded in 1974 and administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge exists to preserve wildlife habitat, protect threatened and endangered species, protect migratory birds and provide opportunities for nature study.

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Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

Guadalupe River Park Conservancy provides community leadership for the development and active use of the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens through education, advocacy and stewardship.

Guadalupe River Park is a three-mile ribbon of parkland that runs along the banks of the Guadalupe River in the heart of downtown San Jose from Highway 880 at the north, to Highway 280 at the south. It is a resource of regional importance to the people of Santa Clara County and the Bay Area.

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Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo™ has been providing affordable family entertainment, education and fun since 1961. The Zoo’s conservation theme is perfectly suited to the Watershed Watch campaign, and Watershed Watch is proud to have them as a campaign partner. Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is offering $3 off the price of admission for all Watershed Watch Discount Card holders and guests.

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South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition

South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition  originated as a community-based effort called Friends of Los Gatos Creek. To date, this group has conducted more than 100 creek cleanups removing 140 tons of trash from Los Gatos Creek. As an organization our goals are to Reclaim, Restore and Revitalize our creeks through volunteerism by conducting cleanups and youth education programs, reporting illegal discharges and restoring riparian habitats. Join us for our next cleanup and you’ll see what an impact just two hours of work will make on our lovely creeks and rivers!

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Home and Garden Partners

BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment Systems

BlueBarrel is a one-stop shop for do-it-yourself (DIY) rainwater harvesting. They provide the tools, materials, and know-how you need to build your own rainwater catchment system with recycled barrels. Their professionally-designed BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ is a low-cost, flexible, reliable, and sleek-looking design made from re-purposed barrels – available as a mail-order kit for customers throughout the USA.

They facilitate a local exchange for repurposed barrels, with barrel pickup sites in many Bay Area locations, and ship the rest of the materials to your door. Enjoy a discount with your Watershed Watch Discount Card and take advantage of rebates offered by your water utility.

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REDYPER ™SF Compostable Diaper Service

No matter what type of diaper you use, if you toss it into the trash, it will take 500+ years to break down. And our little ones, on average, will go through a total of 5-7,000 diapers. Yikes. Fortunately, not all diapers have to go to landfill. REDYPER™ SF turns plant-based diapers into dirt, diverting 14 tons of diapers from landfills every week. REDYPER™ SF delivers responsible diapering products right to your doorstep and collects your soiled diapers and wipes weekly to be commercially composted and turned into topsoil in as little as 14 weeks.

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Capitol Wholesale Nursery

Capitol Wholesale Nursery is a Certified Green Business, serving the Bay Area for over 40 years. They offer over 15,000 types of native and drought tolerant plants, organic planting mixes and compost, and other products to help you create a sustainable landscape. Capitol Wholesale Nursery actively promotes the Green Gardener Training Program, Bay Area Eco Gardens, and local classes and programs on their website to help homeowners and landscape professionals protect our creeks and the Bay.

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Local Government Partners

Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste

Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste provides the community with safe recycling and disposal of products containing hazardous substances. Protecting the environment, our watershed and public health from the effects of improper disposal of hazardous waste makes Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste a perfect match as a partner in the Watershed Watch campaign.

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VTA Valley Transit Authority

VTA is committed to creating a more sustainable Santa Clara County, providing low-cost public transportation options throughout Santa Clara County to give residents an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint using mass transit. VTA also generously donates advertising space to the Watershed Watch Campaign, providing an opportunity to reach VTA riders with watershed awareness messages.

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Media Partners

KBAY Radio

KBAY 94.5 is the top-rated South Bay radio station, featuring contemporary hits and popular on-air personalities. KBAY is not only an enthusiastic supporter of the Watershed Watch Campaign, they are also a Certified Green Business. KBAY airs public service announcements, provides support for community events, features Watershed Watch tips on Planet KBAY, distributes the Watershed Watch Discount Card at events, and even helps find new partners for the Discount Card Program.

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KDTV Univision 14

KDTV has been a supportive media partner providing interview opportunities in their morning news program and added-value announcements. The Watershed Watch Campaign appreciates Univision making it possible to reach the largest Spanish-speaking television audience in the Bay Area with important pollution prevention messages.

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KFOX has partnered with the Watershed Watch Campaign to provide support for our car wash events, and a Bay Area-wide sponsorship of the Entercom Sustainability Initiative “1-Thing” including thousands of public service announcements and website impressions to help share all the ways that you can do “1-Thing” in your community to prevent water pollution and lead a more sustainable lifestyle. KFOX rocks!

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KSOL 98.9/99.1 FM

Known as Que Buena, KSOL is a top-rated Spanish station helping the Watershed Watch Campaign educate the community about pollution prevention and promote our services and events. Their substantial support expands our potential to achieve the common goal of protecting our local creeks and the Bay.

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