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You Are The Solution To Stormwater Pollution!

Preventing stormwater pollution begins at home. The good news is that when you take action to protect our waterways, you also create a healthier, safer and more sustainable place for yourself, your family and pets to live and play.

By choosing environmentally friendly products and practices, you protect yourself and your family from harmful chemicals, and protect local waterways in Santa Clara Valley! That’s because you live in a watershed. Our communities are connected to the waterways through storm drains, gutters, and ditches. Stormwater pollution happens when pollutants from everyday activities, such as motor oil, paint products, pet waste, litter, sediment, fertilizers and pesticides are washed by rain and over-watered lawns into neighborhood storm drains. Because of this connection, what you do at home and outdoors matters!

Can you find all the actions that prevent pollution in the watershed?

Move your mouse (or tap with finger) over this map to reveal the answers!

Can we count on you to try one or more of these eco-friendly tips?

It takes the mindful actions of each person within a watershed to keep our land and waterways clean.

Trash cleanup

Volunteer for Litter Cleanups

Join your neighbors and meet new friends at a litter cleanup! Litter cleanups help prevent litter from harming birds, turtles, fish, and other animals, and keep our land and waterways clean. Find events or organize an event near you.
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Girl planting

Create Healthy 
Yards & Gardens

Keep kids and pets safer and prevent pollution by using less-toxic gardening products. Adopt practices that reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides.
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Potted plant

Use Less-Toxic 
Pest Control

Are pests in your home bugging you? Read more about less-toxic products, DIY solutions that work and hiring a trained professional.
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Car wash

Use a Creek-Friendly Car Wash

Instead of washing your vehicle on the street, take it to a commercial car wash where they capture and recycle the wash water. Discounts available!
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Hazardous materials

Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Many household products are not safe to put in the trash, sink or toilet. Learn which chemicals and products require disposal at a household hazardous waste (HHW) collection facility, and where they are located near you.
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Boy and father fishing

Learn Which Fish are Safe to Eat

Mercury, found in light bulbs and other products, can pollute waterways and pose significant health risks. Learn how to protect your family and our waterways, including learning which fish are safest to eat.
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Rain barrel in garden

Make Rain-Ready Home Improvements

Learn about rain barrels, rain gardens and other ways to improve your property, save water and prevent pollution.
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Sweeping pavers

Try Eco-Friendly Home Maintenance Tips

Learn how to prevent pollution from spills, power washing and pool and spa maintenance.
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